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The time when the days are shorter and the nights are longer are now fast approaching. Hence, it won’t be surprising if you found yourself still interested in staying in your bed for the entire day.

The Japanese Kotatsu is a bed-like structure. But as compared to any sleeping furniture, the blanket is placed between the table top and a low-table frame. The table top is integrated with a heat source, which is located under the blanket.

During the colder days, you can rest comfortably at the Japanese Kotatsu with your legs positioned under the blanket. The heat source placed underneath the table works to keep you warm by letting the warm air emanate through your robes and around your neck.

It can also be said that the Japanese Kotatsu originated back in the fourteenth Century’s Japanese Irori. This is also known to be a cooking hearth. By the 17th Century, the Irori was made by digging into the ground. This time, it was referred by many as the Japanese as the Hori-Gotatsu. This is just like a fixed Kotatsu. Today, Kotatsu is already moveable and is now referred to as the Oki-Gotatsu.

The invention of the Japanese Kotatsu is extremely helpful to almost homes in Japan. With Kotatsu now available, the Japanese no longer need to worry of getting warmt during the colder months. This is because it can best serve as a space heater. The Iranians also make use of the same contraption which can still be found in most households. This is called Korsi.

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