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You may not have a magic carpet or a genie friend who can help you travel using flying magic carpet, but you can at least do what Mo Khan did to make his fairy take inspired magic carpet his traveling buddy.  Wandering around the city using a magic carpet was proven possible by Viner Mo Khan. He bought a hoverboard and created a carpet with 2-wheeler into as his magic carpet

It seems that more people particularly the younger ones are fascinated with popular youth technology. Fascination with technology caused Viner Mo Khan to create one clever invention while incorporating Aladin’s tale. He wore Aladin’s costume and travel around the city while riding on a 2-wheeler magic carpet. Viner Mo Khan believes that even if he cannot cruise in the skies, he can still explore Hyperwalk while using his 2-wheeler magic carpet. Khan’s invention greatly caught people’s attention not just because he wears Aladin’s costumer, but he is actually traveling using a carpet that has 2-wheeler that looks like Aladin’s magic carpet. The carpet may look like a magic carpet because it has 2-wheeler working underneath. Mo Khan definitely proves that there are still numerous ways to explore the industry of inventing things. He proves that exploring Hyperwalk was definitely worth it and not just a waste of time. Through using his hoverboard, he can drop by in drive-thru booths, trailing behind the heavy traffic and more. As of now, Mo Khan continually catches people’s attention with his 2-wheeler magic carpet.

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