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It is believed that every person has that someone whom they look so much alike with. This entity is most often referred to as a doppelganger or double. It may seem impossible to believe. However, it is impossible to know who that person is because of how big the world is. But, it seems that this theory is not true with these two women.

Many people have already asked Ciara Murphy, a student studying in Germany. She was asked if she has a twin sister. She was surprised of being asked all the time. It was soon answered after she had met Cordelia Roberts.

Actually, Ciara Murphy came from Ireland and is currently studying abroad. She is actually studying in Germany. The woman whom she looks exactly alike is Cordelia Roberts from England. Cordelia is also studying in the same country. And it seems that it is not the only similarity that they have.

They are truly similar after meeting each other. They were completely surprised and shocked as well. Photo Caption: Ciara thinks she just met her doppelganger. The surprising thing is that even though the two may look almost exactly alike, they are far from being related. But, this does not still change the fact that they look the same. It is like looking into a mirror after accidentally seeing each other.

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