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Imagine a life in which you can lay down comfortably while working at your office or home? Well, it is now made possible through a help of a desk worth $5, 900. You cannot definitely lay down using startup’s pricey desk because it does not have a feature that allows you to adjust its structure.  A desk with 90 degrees rotation capacity will allow you to completely work while in a horizontal position.

This desk is typically designed to people who usually spend majority of their time working using computers. Programmers, designers, writers and other professionals can use this desk. This will optimize a person’s capacity to feel relax and focus while working. The desk has flexible and versatile features that allow users to set up it in four distinct positions. Positions of the desk usually range from typical desk up to standing and modern desks.

The computer monitor is located hanging over while the desk is running perpendicular to the body. It uses magnets to keep all things in place and to prevent the computer from sliding to the user’s lap. The creation of the desk is not meant to keep the user in reverse planking position since the primarily objective of this product is to help more people get to their working position. Usage of this product is highly recommended since it allows users to have different working positions. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to work comfortably, then you should buy this product now.

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