The Best School Photograph Ever- The Precious Moments Of A Special Lady, Receiving Her Honorary High School Diploma At Age 97!Translate

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Back in the days before the internet changed how we took photographs, the photography giant, Kodak, ran a series of commercials, encouraging consumers to take photos, by featuring families and young children, in delightful poses and touching moments. The phrase ' a kodak moment' represented the meaningful moments that could possibly be captured. T 

This heartfelt and touching story,is a good example of a 'Kodak moment' and also  reminds us of the strong family bond between moms and daughters. It also show us how families become stronger in the face of adversity.

Back in 1932, Margaret Thorne Bekema, attended the Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School. However, sadly her mom became sick with cancer, and so Margaret, left school without graduating in order to take care of her siblings

Margaret, never went back to school and spent her life caring for her mom, and her family, However, recently,at the grand old age of 97 one of her distant relatives,decided to honor her in a very special way.

Margaret, attended a special graduation ceremony and received  an honorary High School Diploma. The school's principal, Greg Deja, presented it to her and overwhelmed with tearful emotions, Margaret finally had her High School Diploma.

In an interview with Monica scott, from Michigan Live, she said

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart,. “I had to quit school to take over the family. It was hard, you have no idea how hard that was. I loved high school and I had lots of friends.

In the same interview, the poignant words of the school's Principal, not only sum up this awesome story, but his words speak volumes:

..."her life has been one of sacrifice and service. It has been so encouraging and inspiring for our community because her choices represent all the core values that we teach our students.”

Here are the pictures of Margaret's special ceremony, that I guarantee will bring tears to your eyes

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