Dread The Housework? Having A Bad Hair Day? Take Pity On These Poor Astronauts, Trying To Do Everyday Tasks- Hilarious ResultsTranslate

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Everyday regular things like taking a shower, brushing our hair are all things we don't really think about. Then for some of us theres the dreaded necessary  household chores. Well, the quicker there done the better! However have you ever imagined how difficult these would be, for Astronauts in space?   Check out these hilarious pictures of Astronauts doing everyday things without the help of the gravity pull!

(via Mental Floss)

How Do They Sleep

By attaching sleeping bags to a wall, or ISS module. Oterwise they would be floating around bumping into things

Thanksgiving Dinner?

Dehydrated packs of all the regular thanksgiving food is served up after a hard days work. It must be a tough time for the astronauts, without their families on this special holiday.

Microgravity Soccer

Without gravity, astronauts can fly around, twisting and turning  with ultimate control of the ball

Hurling In Space?

This question, is pretty gross, but the answer is specially designed 'barf bags' which have to stay with them throughout their mission!

Working Out

No  Gym excuses- without daily workouts astronauts can lose muscle mass

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