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Four days before the annual war memorial remembrance day,on November 11 in the UK
Asda, a major store outlet in the UK, has caused outrage with a commemorative   display in one of its stores, Harpurhey Manchester.The poppy display, includes a tree, poppies and a dead soldier this has now been removed after complaints
There were mixed reactions, some have complained about its removal, others have been angry and offended.
 One of those who complained against this display was 26 year old Brad Way, who spent 7 years in the Royal Air Force. In an interview with
Manchester Evening news he had this to say:

“For someone who has served and seen casualties on the battlefield, or a family member who has lost someone, to walk and see that could really trigger stress. I’m glad it was changed. It also seems insensitive that the display is in front of the Halo shoot-out game."

Asda, changed the display, by removing the dead soldier, however, although they moved it from being directly in front of the Halo Game, it was still clearly visible behind.

Others have complained that its removal has 'offended' them  and viewed it as 'cowardly'. However, unlike Brad way, there was no discernible reason for their concerns.

An Asda spokesperson, who  said that the display was 'intended as a mark of respect' and  stating that it was "not our intention to cause offence with the poppy display" at the Harpurhey store.


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