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There are numerous reports of strange and bizarre happenings all over the world. For some inexplicable reason Sometimes an event, or series of events happen. Some people view it as God's will others simply fate, and others insist that there has to be some sort of supernatural elements involved. However, what is most fascinating, is that there is still no definite explanation for these. Here are 10 of the best examples, of strange and unusual unexplained events.  The first, is perhaps the most seriously disturbing

Right Place At The Right Time - But- SAME GUY AGAIN????

Right place at the right time - but- SAME GUY AGAIN????
Detroit 1930's is the setting for this strange tale- A baby fell from a high window in landing on passer by Joseph Figlock. Miraculously, both were unharmed A year later, the same baby fell again - landing a second time on Joseph, who coincidentally, just happened to be passing by!!!!! Again, both of them were miraculously 

Brothers Have Identical Accident - A Year Apart

Brothers have identical accident - a year apart
In 1975 a taxi hit a man riding his scooter and he was killed. Bizarrely, a year later (riding the same scooter???!!) his brother was hit by the same taxi - and in a final bizarre twist- the taxi was carrying the same passenger

Identical Twins - Separated At Birth Yet Lead Phenomenally Similar Lives

Identical Twins - separated at birth yet lead phenomenally similar lives
Jim Lewis and Jim Springer are identical twins,  who were separated at birth, and adopted by different families. Both of their adopted families named them Jim. This is where the story becomes even more weird -  when they grew up, they both married a woman called Linda,. If that wasn't weird enough, both of their wives had two sons and named their sons , James Alan and James Allan..And wait for it- another weird twist- they both divorced their wives, then remarried and their new wives names- yes you guessed it the same name - this time Betty!

More Strange Happenings Between Twins

 More strange happenings between twins
In 1994, twins Lorraine and Lavinia and Lorraine's cars crashed into each other on Christmas Eve, whilst they were on their way to deliver their christmas presents to each other.

Third Time Unlucky?

Third time unlucky?
In taranto, Italy, a man was struck by Lightning and killed. Thirty years later his son was also struck IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT. Now, this is odd enough - but wait, theres more- in 1949 The mans grandson . became the final victim of the lightning, also in exactly the same spot

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