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 In a previous article, we looked at the story of a guy who risked his life to save two tiny kittens, soaked in oil. This is another story of a desperate oil soaked creature, this time a Penguin, rescued by 71 year old,  João Pereira de Souza.

On a Brazilian fishing island, in 2011,this penguin waddled up to Widower João and was greeted with compassion, love and warmth. He tended to him daily, feeding him sardines and gave him a warm comfortable spot in a shaded area.

This penguin, did not forget the kindness and continually returned to João, daily and still does.

Thank You Daddy João With Jinjing

Thank you daddy  João with Jinjing
Jaio, talking about his fascinating and unusual friendship says:
When he returns he’s so happy to see me, he comes up to my neck and hoots. He doesn’t let any dog or cat near me or else he goes after them and pecks.”

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fascinating fact- Veterinary nurse and penguin expert Dyan Dinapoli, when asked if she could explain this interesting friendship suggested that:
It’s possible that he has redirected his natural instinct to mate toward this guy.” 

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