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It took only one meme to ruin this woman’s life and to throw her dreams in the dust. It seems that the urban legends that are dating back to the first ever chain letter (in writing and then in the form of emails) where people were forced to forward the content to ten other people or suffer deadly consequences… are still disturbing.

Today these urban legends come in the form of a meme and bring a lot of ridicule and pain to the individuals on focus. In 2004 an image and a story came out of a man who wants to divorce his wife as she gave birth to ugly children, after lying to him about her plastic surgery before the wedding. The story went even further claiming that the man is planning to sue his wife for deceiving him about her real looks.

The eyelid surgery in East Asia is in prevalence for creation of doe-like expressions. Yet, Heidi Yeh denies having had the procedure. She has lost several job opportunities and also a break up with her boyfriend due to the popularity of the cruel meme. You can hear her story in full by watching the video here.

This is a warning for us all - the next time we see something floating in the Internet, we should take an effort and see if the story is real or not. May be once Yeh clears her name, she will be able to pick up the pieces of her career, but her emotional stress will not be easily forgotten.

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