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These curious photographs of bent trees,by German photographer, Kilian Schönberger, are very intriguing.

There’s a small grove of regular pine trees in West Pomerania, Poland, nothing unusual about that you may think. However these trees have become the fascination of scientists, due to their bizarre positions.

Euphemistically referred to as 'the twisty trees' At some point during their early sprouting, they appear to taketake a sharp 90-degree turn soon after leaving the ground before sweeping back into an upright position with a graceful curve.

No explanations for this bizarre phenomenon, have yet been found, some have suggested that perhaps its due to deliberate manipulation, in order to make naturally bending parts for furniture and other wooden applications. Others suggest that perhaps a heavy falling of snow had somehow disrupted their natural process

More info: kilianschoenberger.de | Facebook | Instagram | Behance

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