Migaloo Thought To Be The World's ONLY Albino Whale Resurfaces With A Surprise- Another Albino WhaleTranslate

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Categories: Animals · Photography     Tags: Migaloo · Migaloo Resurfaces · Albino Humpback Whale · Humpback Whales · Whale Watchers · Australia's Gold Coast

Back in 1991, In Australia's Golden coast, something spectacular happened- a huge humpback whale surfaced. Nothing unusual with that you might think- but this whale was an albino whale. There had never been any reported cases of an albino whale, so Scientists considered this to be the only  Albino whale in the entire world. Then Just as soon as it arrived, it promptly disappeared- until now. 

Wildlife experts, were stunned to see the sudden reappearance of the whale, fondly named 'Migaloo' but this time she was not alone- swimming beside was another albino calf

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