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            Subway is one of the most popular sandwich shop chains in the world, with stores in nearly every corner and orifice of the earth. Such popularity requires stores to have gigantic refrigerators to chill the tons of deli meats and cheeses that adorn their lovely subs. But, unfortunately for Karlee Daubeney, a Subway worker from the U.K., the refrigerator at her workplace became a temporary prison and now she is suing the sandwich behemoth for damages.

The nightmare took place one evening in December 2014 when Daubeney was working a closing shift alone. That night, it wasn’t just the store she was closing because at around midnight she entered the fridge and the door locked shut behind her. She wasn’t found until the next morning, nearly eight hours later.

She tried dozens of tactics to free herself, each one more desperate than the last. First, she scoured the refrigerator for something, anything that could unlock the door. Then, she began writing SOS messages on cardboard. Finally, in a near hypothermic state she tried to signal for help via the security cameras. Her law suit against CM Ventures (Subway’s parent organization) is on the grounds that the company failed to ensure the health and safety of its employees by allowing the situation to take place. Daubeney says she continues to be haunted by the experience and had migraines and trouble walking for days after the event. Recently, CM Ventures entered a not guilty plea and appeared before magistrates.

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