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            Many big cities have giant flocks of pigeons in their central squares and parks, flapping around, making noise, and making waste. In some of these places feeding the pigeons is discouraged by the local government because the birds are seen as a disgusting nuisance. But, in other places, feeding pigeons in the parks is a tranquil daily experience that many enjoy. Well, in one city in India, they may or may not have pigeons, but they definitely have parakeets.

The bright green birds are native to the warm climate and flock by the thousands around the city, literally, and this man proves it. One Indian man, 62-year-old Sekar, singlehandedly feeds over 4,000 parakeets at his home every day. He has taken the pastime of bird feeding to a seriously crazy extreme, that’s for sure, and you can see the amazing number of birds he feeds in the video below. Sekar is a true bird lover and a man who doesn’t mind giving his time, energy and money to other creatures. He has a specific feeding routine and a specially designed platform to maximize the number of birds that he can feed. Amazingly, Sekar spends approximately 40% of his yearly income just on bird feed! The world can use more selfless people like Sekar. He is a man who is willing to do kind things for others without expecting anything in return. Cheers, Sekar! You are a true gentleman.

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