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Animal abuse, is a highly emotive issue, and there are numerous worthy  campaigners against animal abuse. However, the power of the Social media, is phenomenally successful, and has not only helped save the lives of many, but also exposed the abuse. A good example is the celebrity, Ricky Gervais, who relentlessly campaigns against animal abusers and allows others to freely post their views on his Facebook page. However, there is the flip side- there are sadly, a few groups that actively encourage dog abuse,  through discussions, advertising and promoting dog fights and worse. An extreme example is the group supporting the Yulin dog eating festival. Other groups share adverts of dogs who they consider will be used for 'bait' and others ' good for fighting' 
Reporting the groups to Facebook, has mixed results, when Facebook remove the group, the group then  reforms and this carries on in a continuous cycle.
,There are many selling sites, that unscrupulous people have taken advantage of, to sell dogs that they have stolen. In one case, a dog was put up for sale before it was stolen. In another case, a dog who had been used purely for breeding purposes, was seriously ill, with a ruptured womb.However, she was a pure breed, and the owner decided it was 'worth spending the money for an operation' - not because she cared for her, but because she was pure bred- she still had some monetary value. The 'lady' then announced her decision on her Facebook page.
There are thankfully just as many Facebook groups that help rehome and rescue these pets.
As mentioned earlier, the UK celebrity, Ricky Gervais is a very outspoken animal activist. His page reaches millions daily, and is one of the best sources to share stories. The main advantage is that ordinary people can utilize this source to spread awareness rapidly. 
As an example, I personally placed an opinionated piece on his site, concerning the plight of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who were used for breeding purposes. Within minutes, my inbox was inundated with stories and offers of help. This was what  I wrote:

Somewhere, there is a house, with two or more selfish people, who need money- they have dogs- It starts with two or more- the males are advertised as studs- in between being used on the females in the house the females breed then as soon as they are fertile again- they breed again and again and so the cycle continues. Then the money making begins- the pups can each be sold for a few hundred pounds- up to a £1000 for some pure breeds.

They get minimum or no care- just sitting outside in a barn or shed alone, in a filthy stinking bed, dirty water no medical care. Oh and if their not pure bred? well then theres the market for cross breeds and ,if their really desperate for their money- theres always a few quid from a mongrel dog- or a cat- and if their are no funds for their disgusting little set up- they can always steal one. In some cases, when they sell one, they can easily search sites like Gumtree, Preloved and buy one - and before they even hand the money over post a free ad for the one that they are buying.

Oh and if they get sick? well then they sell them on quick at a reduced price. And in one case, a female dog was no longer valuable- but a pure bred a so they paid to have her overused prolapsed womb fixed and whilst she was having her operation- they put an ad to sell her at a reduced price. When the males get too old to stud, they get sold at a reduced price. Oh and then there are the cases of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who suffer a higher incidence of Mitral Valve heart disease and Syringomyelia. two serious life threatening illnesses. There is no cure, but screening their parents for genetic markers can help reduce the chance of this disease being passed on- but then that costs money and time and means no money making puppies- Some caring loving person will be heart broken when they see their puppies suffer with it- but then they can be sold for a few hundred quid so the selfish evil monsters breed them anyway. So this is why I am asking please sign my petition, here;

Animal abuse is widespread in the US, UK and other countries. Through the globalization of the Internet, in solidarity  we can expose this. Hopefully one day, these practices will be eradicated

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