When Labor Meant Exactly That- 9 Jobs, BEFORE Technological Advances Made Things A Whole Lot Easier!Translate

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Technology, has advanced so quickly, that its hard to imagine how our great grandparents coped. In a world where we now have seriously cool gadgets to make our lives simpler, its even harder to imagine how people managed. Yet they did, although their lifespan was much shorter, on average, just 45 years, in fact. Work meant Just that- really hard physical labor, without Health and safety checks and laws. Check out 9 of the Jobs, that really were extremely difficult- BEFORE inventions made life and work, a whole lot easier

4. The ' Knocker Up"

4. The ' Knocker Up"
ate your alarm clock? before they were invented this guys Job was to  walk the streets tapping the windows to wake people up!

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