Group Of Cows Discover Baby Seal Have You Ever 'herd' Anything So Bizarre?Translate

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Categories: Animals · Cute · Photography     Tags: Skegness Seal Sanctuary · Stranded Baby Seal Rescued · Stranded Seals · Drifted Seals · Herd Of Cows Gather Round Seal. Frampton Nature Reserve · Lincolnshire

A Nature reserve in Lincolnshire England is the setting for this odd little story. When Ian Ellis was out Bird watching , he spotted something unusual- a herd of cows were gathering round a small animal, which appeared to be very distressed

When Ian tentatively approached the herd, in order to see what was going on- he was stunned to see, a small baby seal, stuck firmly, struggling in mud.

The nature reserve was around 3 miles from the Ocean, so it appeared that the seal had somehow drifted. Luckily, there wa a Sealand sanctuary close by and they were able to arrive very quickly and rescue the baby seal.

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