Police Confiscated Suspicious Looking Crates Crossing Border From Laos To Thailand- Find DISGUSTINGLY SHOCKING ANIMAL CRUELTYTranslate

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Police  were becoming increasingly suspicious, about a guy, attempting to cross the Border from Laos, to Thailand. He was carrying large red crates, which seemed a little suspect. When they checked the crates, they discovered a shocking and disturbing case of extreme animal cruelty.

Tied very tightly in blue sacks, were literally dozens of endangered Pangolins, thought to be smuggled for meat. 
Pangolin are small mammals, which are native to Africa and Asia and are also one of the most hunted. It is likely that the Pangolins, had traveled in their cramped terrible confinements for some weeks. Pangolins, are known to suffer from anxiety and unfortunately perish under extreme stress. Sadly, this proved to be the case, with only 48, surviving this extremely cruel Journey, that they were forced to endure.

Had this guy managed to pass over the Border, the Pangolins, would have been sold on the Black Market for meat.

Thank God, for the eagle eyed officials, whose instincts were spot on and this guy's seemingly callous disregard of a rapidly declining over hunted endangered species, was thwarted.

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