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The legendary mythological Unicorn is a much admired enigma, dating back to biblical times. The Unicorn was often depicted as a white horse with one distinctive single horn. In the derelict grounds of the Seneca Army Depot in Upstate New York, there are an estimated 200 rare white  deers, who bear an uncanny resemblance, and perhaps may be considered as the closest thing we have to the Unicorn.

The three deers are pure white and have been protected for many years, by the army, who protect them from hunters.

The white  deers, have been coexisting with brown deer since the 1950's, Colonel Franklin Kemble JR placed a ban on hunting the white deer and they remained protected and thrived. 

However, recently, the land protecting them is for sale and there home is now in danger. The only hope for them, ls their potential tourist attraction
Dennis Money, in an interview with the Associated Press said that

When we ran bus tours on a limited basis between 2006 and 2012, we had people come from all over the United States to see the deer,” “People are enchanted by them.”

Release into the wild, would be difficult, as they are easy prey and would soon become extinct.

more info: thewildlife.wbur

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