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Danielle Guenther is a photographer who understands what parenting is all about.

She is a working mother herself who live the same hectic life as the families that she photographs for a living. Sometimes, Guenther finds the most interesting photographs come from organic situations.

In one recent shoot, she snapped a few photos “between” the poses. According to Guenther, the mother of the family laid down on the couch to relax and the father followed suit. The children continued to play in the foreground and Guenther thought it was funny so she took a picture. When it was posted on Facebook under the title “Parenting is Exhausting,” the people went crazy. The audience instantly related to the hardship and feeling of being a parent. In a way, the photo represented a certain amount of substance that you don’t normally see on social media. From there, Guenther’s launched the “Best Case Scenario” photo series. Instead of taking traditional family portraits, Guenther stages scenes that are appropriate to each family for what she calls, “the perfectly imperfect picture.” They’re funny and easy to relate to. Here are 18 examples from her wonderful collection!
Danielle Guenther is a one of a kind photographer, and her love of the art definitely shows in her work.
Obviously, there are difficulties that arise when you try to take a photo of young children. As Guenther says, “Usually on photo shoots, the parents say, 'Oh I'm sorry my kids are misbehaving.’” Now, because of Guenther’s creative approach to family photography, the parents have no excuse!
Guenther loves the idea of busting the so-called “perfect vision” we have in society. “Social media often makes even the everyday moments seem perfect, but we know better,” she says.
Her photos capture the chaos and the fatigue that makes parenting such a rewarding endeavor. Even though it might not be glamorous, there are rewards to be had from parenting if you just take a breath and enjoy each moment.
Because raising kids isn’t all candy and butterflies. Sometimes it’s messes and tears.

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