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She loves it so much she doesn’t know what to do.


Peanut butter is delicious and puggle’s are cute. Put them together and what have you got? Only the sweetest peanut butter tasting video ever created!


Kilerchuk is a Youtube channel that is completely devoted to videos of two dogs. There is the older and wiser Landy and there is the young, curious puppy named Jinx. The channel is run by a couple who film random clips in their dogs’ lives and post them online. It’s not an exceedingly popular channel; at least it wasn’t before Jinx tried peanut butter. This video of the beautiful pug/beagle crossbreed will make your heart melt.


But, what would a Youtube video be without panicked suggestions from strangers? After seeing the video, some viewers started posting comments accusing the couple of killing their dogs with peanut butter. Okay, settle down everyone, let us set the record straight. Peanut butter itself is not harmful to dogs. However, the sugar substitute xylitol, which is sometimes used in commercial peanut butters, is poisonous to canines. Check the label before you feed peanut butter to your dog!


For now, enjoy the cuteness that is a puggle trying peanut butter for the first time.

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