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The notion of 'paying it forward' is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The best way to explain this, is that its the opposite of paying someone back, when they have done something good for you. Instead, you would 'pay it forward' by doing a good deed or someone else. 

Helping others, builds community bonding, and also raises awareness of ordinary people, doing extraordinary things, which enrich the lives of others. One of the best examples of this, is the story of two  parents, from Pennsylvania, who honored their late daughter's memory. Their daughter,Alyssa, who was only 18, died after an epileptic seizure.On the day she died, she had asked her parents to bring her a Starbucks Pumpkin spiced Latte. for her the following day. 

Two days after her funeral, her grieving parents,decided to honor her memory by, paying it forward. So, they ordered 40 pumpkin spiced lattes, for 40 customers at their local Starbucks. They explained their idea to the manager, asking that they place a hashtag with Alyssa's initials on the cups. Starbucks, touched by the parents story also donated drinks. This story, went viral across social media and led to other Starbucks and coffee outlets worldwide, also honoring Alyssa. 

This touching memorial tribute has been a resounding success and perhaps, can offer some comfort, to her grieving parents. Alyssa's parents, said 
We're still in disbelief, and every time we think, ‘There's no way they can top this,’ something more amazing happens.”
There are many heartwarming random acts of kindness and devotion, by ordinary people. who do extraordinary things. Here are 12 of them


6 Year Old Glen Buratti

6 year old Glen Buratti
This little guy, has Autism and when it was time for his Birthday party, nobody came. Within a short time from being posted on his mom's Facebook status, dozens of policemen and Firefighters, turned up to congratulate him. 

Animal Saviour With A Heart Of Gold, Nicole Elliot, With Chester

Animal saviour with a heart of gold, Nicole Elliot, with Chester
This kind hearted, beautiful lady, saw an advert asking for someone to take their dying fur baby. She responded immediately, and Chester was able to spend a little time feeling loved and experiencing happy times, before making his journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Nicole has devoted a special Facebook Page, that details, the last few days of Chester,and his Bucket list.  You can read more here:

The Photo That Changed This Little Homeless Boy’s Life

The photo that changed this little homeless boy’s life
This little filipino boy, was so dedicated to his education, that he would sit by the light from Mcdonalds, to do his homework. This photograph, went viral on Social media, and millions of people sent donations  and changed his life forever. The photo also resulted in capturing the attention of Filipino Politicians, who granted him a Scholarship.

Prom Date

Prom Date
When this young guy couldn't make it to his Prom night, his friends bought the Prom to him

Russian Victor Lukyanov, Kind Hearted Bus Ticket Inspector

Russian Victor Lukyanov, kind hearted Bus ticket inspector 
Kind hearted Victor, was always polite and helpful to his passengers, taking time to ensure that his elderly passengers were seated and comfortable. Sometimes, this meant paying for their tickets. He also greeted his passengers with the words, hello and goodbye in their language, an estimated 79 different ones. However, when it came to rude passengers, who were unpleasant to him, he was very sensitive about this, and became despondent, and felt that he needed to quit his much loved Job.  This is where the story shows how his devotion and dedication mattered to people- for a group of them offered lots of support and encouragement to stay, even his boss, refused to let him leave.


for five long years, this devoted Grandmother carried her 14 year old disabled Granddaughter, over miles of treacherous mountain terrain, so that she could attend her school. When people learned of her plight, they donated money, and time to improve their life. Now this devoted Grandmother has a house closer to the school, and her Grandaughter has a wheelchair

Japanese Animal Saviour

Japanese Animal saviour
This has to be one of the most courageous, brave and heartwarming stories of animal devotion. This amazing selfless man, refuses to abandon the local animals, living in a prohibited area, badly affected by the recent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. He did leave with others, when the area became prohibited, but quickly returned to care for them. 

Konstantin Khabensky, With His Adopted Stray Fur Baby

Konstantin Khabensky, with his adopted stray fur baby
it was love at first sight for Konstantin Khabensky, who is a popular Russian actor, when he saw this stray, wounded fur baby. He patiently nursed him back to full health, and adopted him. Touchingly, he allows  him to sleep with the light on, as this fur baby is afraid of darkness

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