Unbelievably Incredible Deep Ocean Organism Resembles Christmas Tree DecorationsTranslate

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In previous articles, we have looked at many incredible world sights and discoveries, that are awe inspiring. As Christmas is almost here, this follow up article about another underwater discovery,is mind blowing to look at.Particularly, when you consider that it is an entirely natural phenomenon 

Deep in the ocean, there is an organism known as the spirobranchus giganteus. They are often referred to as 'christmas tree worms' as when they burrow into coral and spawn their colorful crowns, they bear a striking resemblance to christmas tree decorations! The variety of shapes and colors that these worms produce, are simply sheer magic. 

Check out the amazing pictures below, and  watch the fascinating video, and see the worm in action, - absolutely incredible!

Source: marinelife.about.com

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