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There are many terrifying creatures in the world and some of them can put us humans in a real danger. These creatures have their weird and long Latin scientific names, but we usually know them with their nicknames. Meetings with the dangerous and creepy creatures – parasites, pests and bugs should be avoided.

Travelers should always be aware that these small bugs actually have enough power to give humans the so called ‘kiss of death’. All these bugs can be near us, so if you spot them call a doctor… and do that immediately!

To get more detailed information on the bug and the disease, please check the official CDC page and learn all about it. In order to keep safe, the CDC recommends:
  • Seal the cracks and gaps around windows, walls, roofs, and doors in your house
  • Remove all the wood, brush, and rock piles placed near your house
  • Use screens on doors and windows and repair the tears and holes, if any
  • Make sure that the yard lights are not close to your house as the lights attract bugs
  • Seal the cracks and holes that lead to the attic, the cellar or the outside area
  • Allow your pets to sleep indoors, especially at night
  • Keeping your house and the outdoor pet resting areas clean and check them regularly for the presence of bugs.

Remember that the best defense is knowledge, thus share this story with your friends and family to keep them informed!

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