The Harpy Eagle- One Of The World's Largest Bird Of Prey- Can It Kill A Human?Translate

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Birds of prey hold a certain fascination like most  strange and exotic birds do. Perhaps one of the most distinctively fascinating, is the Harpy Eagle, who also happens to be one of the largest in the world.
With a wingspan of seven and a half feet, this Eagle can grow up to 42 inches long, and their talons are EXACTLY the same size as a grizzly bear!

They prey on monkeys and Sloths, swooping down and snatching them from trees. This powerful Eagle has been known to attack larger animals such as deer and larger primates

In 2010, BBC filmmaker, James Aldred, suffered a gruesome attack by a female Harpy eagle. Reports stated that:

..."nothing could have prepared cameraman James Aldred for the defensive swoop by a 9kg female harpy eagle that left him nearly unconscious, ripped through his neck protection and knocked out his helmet's communication equipment"

So the question remains- could the Harpy eagle actually kill a human?  views are divided- there are many stories about Harpy Eagles, who have allegedly 'snached' toddlers. And some suggest that an attack on a human, can cause fatal injuries.


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