The Natural Wonder Of India's Sahasralinga River- Annual Drought Reveals The Linga's Resembling The God ShivaTranslate

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Thousands of people visit the Sahasralinga every year during Maha Shivaratri, the annual festival of Shiva. Shiva,is one of the three Gods, who form the holy trinity in Hinduism.  The Shalmala river, is a wondrous sight to see, for, laying right at the bottom, are natural concrete constructions, which are said to bear a striking resemblance to Shiva. Ordinarily, we cannot see the bottom of the river from land, however this river,   suffers from drought and the overconsumption of water, causing it to run low at times. And this reveals the delightful formations.

They come in all sizes and are scattered all across the riverbed, and  It’s also become a popular tourist attraction.

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