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This is another delightful story about animal devotion. This time, two guys, help out sea turtles. Sadly, marine sea turtles are becoming endangered, due in part to the fact that, it is not illegal to poach them in some countries.The WWF are continuing with their efforts to raise awareness  of the sea turtles.

Recently, two animal lovers, Arron and Mark, from New Zealand,helped rescued two turtles, being sold on a local food market in Papua New Guinea. 

They bought them and released them back into the Ocean, and these were not the first. Arron has rescued 10 other turtles before.

His poignant words, on his facebook status, are very telling of the lack of care and concern, that has been shown by people, who continue to hunt and poach the turtles:

“Found these at a local market. Got them for 50 bucks, drove 5km up the road and let them go.” 

Thank God for the efforts  two animal loving guys, for saving their lives

For more information about the work of the WWF, who are fighting to stop the turtles from becoming endangered, visit their website here:

For updates and details about Arron's Turtle rescue and release, visit his Facebook page here:

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