Cut Up Onions In Your Socks While You Sleep? Believe It Or Not It Helps With A Lot Of Issues!Translate

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So basically you probably think this sounds really crazy. 

"Yeah right, onions in my socks. What are these people talking about?"

Well, however strange it may seem this weird technique has been proven to help with a lot of stuff including flu, cold and similar symptoms. Read on and if you don't believe us you can try it yourself. It's very easy. Like "socks and onions"! ;) 

So, People Started Saying That Onions In Socks Can Heal Some Common Stuff, Like Flu, Cold And Fever-like Symptoms.

So, people started saying that onions in socks can heal some common stuff, like flu, cold and fever-like symptoms.
When you have those symptoms it's like you are not really sick but those things are annoying as hell. So when someone spread the word about this onion thing it seemed pretty easy to give it a try.  Actually a blogger, Jennifer Thompson, wrote an article about this theory and asked people to try it out. No cost, not much of an effort just a little bit of onions. So let's see the results!

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