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There are many different  ideas concerning the definition of Art, there are also as many concerning what makes a great Artist. Some believe that Artists are born with a talent, whilst others suggest that its possible  to learn the skill, with practice and hard work.  

There seems to be no definitive answer and research leads to more questions than answers. One interesting way to look at this , is to take a look at some paintings, drawn by Artists, over short periods of time. take a look at these 12 pictures, showing the progress and development of these Artists and judge for yourself.

From Sketchy Outlines, To Strong, Detailed Imagery

From sketchy outlines, to strong, detailed imagery
Clearly an example of an innate talent, rather than  a learned skill?  The intricate details on the elderly gentlemans face, the lady being splashed by rain, the images are sharp, detailed and defined, its truly remarkable You can almost 'read' their facial expressions.  Over  Just 3 years?

23 Years Span- East Meets West

23 years span- East meets West
Hong Kong Artist,  Mark Allante, spent time, living in London, and Sydney and his watercolors were influenced by  different cultures.  He was said to have been passionate about Art, since his early childhood, and this is clearly evident in his paintings.  The evolution of this highly gifted artist, is the most fascinating and intriguing.

3 Year Span

3 year span
There is a belief, held by many, that the 'eyes are the mirror of  the soul' The Artististic development of these eyes, are reminiscent of that saying

8 Year Span

8 year span
the first looks sketchy at first glance, but on closer inspection the attention to detail is powerful, the contrasting colors of the second seemingly makes the figures spring out, capturing all the attention

3 Year Span

3 year span
this is interesting with, the face more detailed and clearly defined in the second painting, but the coat is less defined than in the original

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