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Do you find that your relationships with others quickly unhinge or that you lack the luxury of comfort in certain situations?

We are going to share the secrets of attaining and retaining relationships so you can create lasting connections with even the most difficult personality.

These 13 tips will help you create positive relationships

1. Someone answers your question and leaves you feeling unsettled: If you feel like the conversation is blurred by a lie or a lack of clarity from the person you are speaking with, do not ask the question again. If you are looking for a truthful response, be silent and stare them in the eyes. Doing this will usually make the other party feel uncomfortable about what they just said and will draw a more thoughtful answer.

2. Be the calm in the storm: If someone attacks you verbally, be cool and composed. The aggressor is looking to provoke you and in the absence of a returned attack, their anger will recede. Next, they will feel guilty for being offensive and will then ask to be forgiven.

3. Dealing with a critical person: If someone is constantly finding faults in you, stand or sit next to them. The person will then back off and find more positives in you than if you were standing far apart.

4. Your nerves get the best of you: If you find certain situations strike up your level of anxiety, chew some gum. This little trick makes your brain think you are eating and it will leave you feeling more confident and calm. In case you didn’t know, eating is linked with the comfort and safety of home, which is where most meals are enjoyed.

5. Nervous about a job interview? Pretend the person interviewing you is a good friend and you will feel more comfortable in conversation. This trick works in many situations – test it out next time you are feeling a little intimidated by someone.

6. When people in a group burst into laughter, each individual will naturally look at someone they share a bond with or want to connect. Try it out and watch the eyes of people in the group next time this happens. Observe and absorb! You might be surprised with what you see.

7. When you meet someone for the first time, make an effort so the greeting is happy. In future meetings, you will remember the warmth of your initial contact and your relationship will be much more positive. 

8. The magical mirror: Harness the power of reflection and make your co-workers more polite and likeable. Place a mirror behind your desk so your fellow co-workers will see themselves while engaging in conversation with cohorts. People want their reflections to show the best version of themselves so if you want a smile, let them see who they are!

9. If you’re trying to lure in someone you find attractive, focus on an object right behind their shoulders. Once you’ve captured their attention, turn your focus to them and smile. Faultless execution of this trick will lead to a blossoming relationship.

10. You can manage stress by controlling your breathing patterns. When you are steamrolled by stress, you breathe deeply and your heart rate increases. Be conscious of your breathing – calm it – and pace your heart at a balanced beat.

11. If you are trying to connect with someone new, pay close attention to the color of their eyes. It’s not necessarily the color but more so the eye contact that will help you establish a bond.

12. Bartering works on more than souvenirs while on vacation. If you’re negotiating a work contract or anything similar, start by bidding high. Chances are your initial offer will be denied but that person will agree to new terms on a later offer. People who previously rejected something larger will fold and find value in a smaller offer.

13. Confidence is the hottest accessory anyone can wear. Always be confident – even when navigating unfamiliar territory. Confident people are like a magnet. They easily draw positive attention and are most likely to succeed.

Our facial expressions speak volumes to the emotions we experience and our emotions are strongly influenced by our expressions. Our eyebrows angle when heartbroken, when heartbroken our eyebrows angle; we grind our teeth when frustrated, when frustrated we grind our teeth. And when we feel happiness and joy, we smile. Put a smile on your face and after a short period of time, you will really feel the joyful power of that smile.

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