These Are The 12 restaurants Where You Can't Get Enough Of The... View!

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Yes view. Not food. I mean the food must be delicious also or no one would come to these places. But the view in these 12 beauties around the world is what will make you stop your breath, heart... and eating. ;) 

Some restaurant founders spent a really long long time finding the best place for their baby. They didn't want their customers to just eat exquisite food and love their service. They wanted their customers out of breath and out of phone battery taking pics of fabulous surroundings. We found those kind of places for you. Just scroll on! :D

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge In Ngorongoro, Tanzania

While in Africa, Tanzania is also a place to be. And in Tanzania there is one very special restaurant - restaurant on the edge of the volcano crater! Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is an African fantasy place: beautiful views, volcano crater and natural reserve... with food!
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro, Tanzania

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