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You know, when you say Greenland it sounds like a warm spring meddow and then when you see it on map you realize it's a covered in ice huge island away from... well, everything!

But is Greenland any of these two things? Or maybe both? Through the lens of Daniil Korzhnov we will show you that Greenland's vast glaciers are surrounded with green nature paradise of a kind. 

Daniil was actually a physics major in school. But that didn't stop him to show his artistic side and love towards nature. He basically goes around the world, finds and photographs the most beautiful hiking trails you've ever seen. 

After a lot of other places Daniil got interested in Greenland's unique landscapes. These blooming meadows with enormous ice glaciers behind them make a surreal scenes of nature's beauty. 

Take a look at these stunning photos and tell us what you think!

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