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Did you know that it's still possible to find untouched gem in this day and age? Across the world, there are islands that can take you about a week to reach, high above the cloud mountain villages and even scientific research stations found hidden on permafrost to name just but a few of the untouched gem by ordinary travelers. Here is a list of the top ten:

The small village of Gasadalur boasts of a total population of 18 as per the 2002 census. The villagers of Gasadalur had to wait until 2004 to see a car access their village. Before then, the villagers were using a mountain path which ascended to an altitude of 400 meters. In close proximity to the village is the Bøsdalafossur waterfall which forms another center of attraction. The waters from the waterfall crash down into the Atlantic Ocean from about 30 meters high. The landscape of the village means that fishermen have to either use the mountain pass or the road tunnel to access their boats.    

The small town of La Rinconada is located in the Andes and is rated as the highest town on earth. The only way ordinary people can access the town is via either a narrow mountain path or by using heavy trucks. Residents of the village earn their living by working at the 250 gold mines found across the village. The most interesting thing about the resident workers is that at times they do accept to go for months unpaid only to be allowed to take as much gold as they'd want. The tough conditions of La Rinconada make the village only attract the most hardened and reckless Peruvians

Regarded as an international scientific research station, McMurdo is often considered as the Antarctica unofficial capital. The station hosts about 1,300 scientists and volunteers who are committed to working in the capital permanently. The harsh climate never inhibits the residents from having a lifetime experience. They enjoy sports including golf and engage in greenhouse activities. History has it the McMurdo was only accessible by ship despite the dangers. Ideally, it would take a crew about a month to access the capital. The construction of airfields has made communication with the mainland possible.   

Regarded as the most secluded house on Earth, this house is remotely located in the island of Ellidaey and has been in existence for over 300 years. The islands used to host about 5 families who survived by hunting puffins, fishing and cattle breeding. As of 1930, everyone had left the island leaving the very last house which is currently owned by Björk a famous singer. Today, the house is used as a hunting lodge.

The small fishing and hunting village of Illoqortormiut is located on the east coast of Greenland with a tundra cutting it off from the rest of the world. Regarded as the world's northernmost settlement, the village can only be accessed by a plane that's only available twice a week, a helicopter, and a boat only available during certain months of the year. The village has about 450 residents who take pride in their one local food store and one local history museum. They survive by whaling, hunting polar bears and halibut fishing.  

Commonly known as Desolation Islands, the Kerguelen Islands can only accessed by sea a journey which should take you about a month to complete. The discovery of the island dates back to 1772 when Captain Cook made a stop here with his crew. Prior to the 20th century, the island was popularly used as both a base for whalers and seal hunting ground. That was before the seals and whale were completely eradicated from the island. In 1949, the island became a scientific research site and a base for launching meteorological rockets.  A visit today will introduce you to the large colonies of marine birds, penguins and southern elephant seals which occupy the island.   

The Pitcairn Island found in Tahiti boasts of a lot of history especially during the colonization. The island's colonization stories will fascinate you in many ways. In the year 1789, there was a high rebellion aboard the HMS Bounty which required that some crew to make shore at the islands. As of today, there are over 50,000 residents occupying the islands as a result of the HMS Bounty crew. To access the islands, it'd take you approximately 10 days by sea.    

The village of Alert is located about 800 km from the North Pole. Regarded as the northernmost settlement in the world that's permanently occupied, the village had a total population of about 75 as of 2005; five civilians and about 70 soldiers. In Alert, the residents endure harsh weather conditions as winter seems to last an entire year. Add this to the endless polar nights and equally long polar days and you can understand why the village is unpopular. Despite the presence of an airport, flights are impossible because of the poor weather conditions.   


Did you know that the word ''motuo'' in Tibetan is used to refer to ''the hidden and mysterious lotus''? regarded as one of least accessible places in China, Motuo is situated at the heart of the Tibetan Mountains requiring tourists to climb a number of snow-covered mountains summits and cross up to nine rivers to access the district. Part of the challenge also involves crossing a 200 meter long swinging suspension bridge. It surely takes the brave to reach the village. Buddhist believe that the area is sacred and protected by supernatural powers. All the attempts made by the Chinese authorities to try and connect the district to a nearby settlement have all failed.  

This group of islands commonly known as Tristan da Cunha are regarded as the most remote archipelago on Earth. There are about 300 residents occupying the islands all of whom are descendants of the eight men and seven women who have been identified as the 19th century archipelago settlers. Some of the social amenities found in the islands include: a school, a hospital, a museum and a tourist office. There is no sea or air communication to the islands making them impossible to access. It takes you about three weeks to access the islands via fishing vessels or scientific expeditions.  

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