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As if the deadly creepy crawlies and the venomous were not enough, then comes the mole cricket. Australia is popular for its reptiles and insects that are creepy, deadly and some not so deadly.

The mole cricket is one of the creatures found in the not so deadly category that will creep the hell out of you.

Adorable, Right?

Adorable, right?

At first glance, you might actually mistake it for a typical cricket but that's not the case. They are way bigger as they belong to the same family as locusts and grasshoppers. The well-developed shovel like forearms is what is distinctive about the mole cricket.  

They Can Be Annoying

They can be annoying

Though harmless to humans, they can cause massive destruction to young crops hence the farmers' hatred. During the mating season, the males are intolerable.  

They Become Hyper-active During Mating Season

They become hyper-active during mating season

Though mole crickets spend majority of their lives underground, they often become hyper active during the mating season causing a lot of destruction. While on their quest for mates, adult mole deploy their loud mating songs which is always annoying.

They Are Found All Around The World!

They are found all around the world!

If you thought that these annoying creatures are only found in Australia, you are mistaken. There is scientific proof that they can be found in other parts of the world. You just never know, maybe they are living under your front lawn as we speak!

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