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Mrs. Jacobs a 52 year old mother with a 21 year old son is the woman that age seems to have forgotten. She looks like someone in her late 20's or early 30's despite her real age.She has an enviable figure, clear skin and thick dark hair.

Mrs. Jacobs, attributes her youthful look to her genes, she says that her mother and siblings have the same gift from Mother Nature as she does. She also shares that her young looks comes from the benefits of doing lots of exercises, taking healthy diets and drinking plenty of coconut oil. She does weekly steam and sauna, her face is exfoliated everyday and she never goes outdoors without sunglasses.

The power of genetics seems to have caught up with Mrs. Pamela Jacobs everyone in her family looks younger.

Although Mrs. Jacobs likes to look younger she says that she does play up to the God given young look.

But although she certainly enjoys looking younger, Mrs Jacobs says she doesn’t play up to her looks.

‘I wouldn’t clean a car in a bikini — with a 21 year old son there are some limits,’ she says. ’though while in the garden I do wear little denim shorts.’
To the horror of her son she has been mistakenly confused of being her son’s girlfriend  and even sometimes she is embarrassed finding out that some young men have a crash on her.
’Some friends of mine refuse to believe that he is my son rather than my boy friend.’

’It’s flattering, but I must say I prefer men of my age,’ she explains, pointing out to her son and says, “dating a 21 year old would be something out of the question considering my son”.

Nicknamed Pharrell by relatives after the enduringly energetic artist, Pamela says the odd humiliating circumstance in any case; there are no genuine drawbacks to looking more youthful. 


'A couple of years prior I was purchasing ticket to London and the clerk inquired as to whether I had my student rail card, I said I own one. In the event he told me that I needed to apply for one. So I told him that I wasn't an student and what my genuine age is. He went somewhat red.' 


In spite of her energetic looks, Mrs Jacobs, who turns 53 one month from now, says she is beginning to notice a few indications of maturing, for example, being more drained than some time back. 


'I'm a major coconut oil lover. My mom utilized it on our hair and skin when we were kids and I've gone ahead. I utilize Biona Organic Coconut Oil for cooking, in espresso, for evacuating make-up, for hair medications and on my body twice per day as a cream moisturizer.'

She stays away from wheat items, for example, bread and pasta in light of the bloating they cause and doesn't eat organic product due to the high sugar content yet says everything else is permitted.

'I take after the 80/20 guideline,' she uncovers, '80 percent for healthy eating and 20 for sneaking in the odd pudding, a little liquor or natural dull chocolate.'



I think the mystery of interminable youth is to grin each day. The best thing about looking youthful is that it makes me feel great and gives me certainty. I'm not consummated or have blemishes like other people, rather I am appreciative for what I do have.' 

Pamela Has Unraveled Her Own System Of Looking Young

Pamela has unraveled her own system of looking young



Pamela, who is of South Asian root, follows her super-healthy eating routine consisting largely of vegetables and good supply of proteins, for example, salmon.


A large number of the dishes she makes are Asian and are spiced up with ginger, cumin and turmeric, among others, which she says act somewhat like nourishment supplements as far as the medical advantages are concerned.


Breakfast is typically a natural bubbled egg presented with sans gluten toast or naturally prepared coconut yogurt, oatcakes with berries and nuts.


To drain off her meal, she has a glass of coconut water with includes fluid iron, which she suggests to be key for casing her iron levels plunging as she ages.


Lunch comes fit as a fiddle of a plate of mixed greens which are home made in the morning and generally contains a blend of natural kale, spinach, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, red peppers, olives,  sauerkraut [pickled cabbage] and bean sprouts.


New basil and coriander include flavor while pumpkin and sunflower seeds include crunch. 'For protein I'll include some Arbroath salmon, eggs or chicken and dress the plate of mixed greens with natural olive oil and lemon juice,' she includes.


'Additionally I add bunches of dark pepper and cayenne.'


Supper is just as sound and more often than not comprises of a segment of natural chicken, slick fish or a sheep steak presented with courgettes are top picks and piles of vegetables such as- broccoli.


She likewise eats a day by day modest bunch of almonds, hummus and snacks on celery also, limiting her coffee intake.


Mostly she eats natural foods natural and drinks water for the duration of the day, as a rule seasoned with a press of crisp lime juice.




Pamela does a body molding class once per week and takes after that with a wellness yoga session instantly a short time later.


While at the exercise center, she utilizes the steam and sauna room and does an entire body shedding. She likewise utilizes an ideal opportunity to utilize a hair cover — she enjoys Aveda's Damage Remedy.


'I'll go in the sauna for 10 minutes then have a solidifying cool shower until the water stops,' she includes.


'I adore it — it makes invigorated and I'm persuaded it has conditioned my skin. At that point I will have 10 minutes in the steam and rehash the cool shower.'




Pamela loves Aveda's all-normal Damage Remedy range and exchanges in the middle of that and the Inviati brand to smoothen her hair.


She secures her locks with Aveda's Brilliant Hair defender and disposes of flyaways with the assistance of Oribe Moroccan Oil and Moisturizing Cream.


Purification is done either with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ('It's sensibly valued and powerful') or coconut oil.


To keep her skin fit as a fiddle, she utilizes Origins A Perfect World lotion which accompanies SPF25 — a skincare vital as indicated by Pamela.


She likewise utilizes Dermalogica Age Reversal eye cream. Also she uses Omorovicza profound purifying facial cover once per week. Dermalogica's Power Recovery Mask is another top pick.




Pamela saturates her body with coconut oil twice every day and says it keeps her skin 'unbelievably delicate and sustained'.


She likewise utilizes a body brush before showering and lean towards without paraben shower gel brands, for example, Faith in Nature and Sai Sei.


Once per week, she detoxes by absorbing a shower finished up with pink Himalayan salt precious stones and cleans her feet every day when she takes a shower.


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