20 Incredible Photos In The Right Moment That Will Make You Smile

Some moments are so wonderful that they take our breath away. It is not always possible to capture them on camera, but when this happens we have fantastic memories to share. As the saying goes, one photo speaks more than thousand words! Check the pictures we share here and be ready to experience intense emotions, stronger than those caused by great books and films.

Yes, he sure knows!

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Hello, my sweet baby! I am your father and you are incredible!

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Just one kiss, my dear...

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Love grows (literally).

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I have the music within me.

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Is that for me? Thank you!!!

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My love for you has no bounds.

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Oh, how tasty that is!

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How cute this giraffe is, while sleeping on the grass...

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Great spa day, mom! Thank you!

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Always & Forever

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Smiling against all odds.

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What a sheer happiness that is!

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The sunset I am looking for!

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I am absolutely carefree!

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The father wanted two sons... so he dreams came true....eventually!

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What a gentleman that is!

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I love to roll through the park!

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The simple things in life.

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Yes, the years go by... but we are still together and happy!

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That is a full trunk of happiness!

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