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The video of the recent events at a school, in Bangalore, India, has gone viral. A leopard, who managed to 'break in' to a school, was filmed as it was running riot and attacking people. However, when viewing the video, of the  terrifying incident, one thing seems to raise questions. If you watch closely, there are several points, where it appears that the Leopard, seems to be looking for an exit and appears to act as if trapped.  Interestingly, the Leopard also is quickly deterred by one of the men who it bites.  It seems unlikely that the Leopard, would give up quite so easily. There have been many reports,  suggesting that the Leopard was seen 'wandering' around the school, with a different reported number of victims, from between 2 and 10.
One report, suggested that the Leopard, who may have 'lost its way' from a nearby field, became panicked, after being tranquilised:

"The tense drama took a violent turn when Forest officials shot the leopard with tranquiliser darts. But before the tranquiliser could kick in, the trapped feline, perhaps scared by the presence of the men surrounding it, went on an attacking spree"

Check out the viral video, below and judge for yourself

source http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/bangalore/leopard-enters-bengaluru-school/article8206321.ece

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