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When a young South African guy, spotted an owl in trouble, he rescued it and nursed it back to health, over a period of around two months. When it came time, to release the owl back into the wild, he thought that was it, his job was  done. However, this is where the story takes a humorous turn, as the owl seemingly had other ideas.Having enjoyed his home comforts during his recovery period, he even formed an unlikely bond with the man's pet cat.  But thats not all!

One day, whilst the man was sitting at his computer, with his pet cat relaxing, the owl suddenly flew in unexpectedly. He was not alone, however, for he was clutching a dead mouse and promptly offered it to the cat!

The owl, continues with his double life- enjoying spending his time with the man and his cat by day- and behaving like a regular owl at night.

Each day, he produces the kills from his night time hunts and brings them home to the man and his cat.!

Source: thechive

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