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This incredible story starts back in 2011,on a Brazilian beach, when retired 71 year old Joao Pereira de Souza found Dindim, a South American Magellanic penguin, completely soaked in oil, minutes from death. It’s illegal to keep wild animals as pets in Brazil. Souza, an experienced part time fisherman, gently nursed him back to health.

This is where the story becomes fascinating, as one year later, Souza was surprized to find that Dindim had come back to visit him. He had made this staggering  journey of 8,000km, just to visit his rescuer. 

Even more incredibly, Dindim's faith and trust in Souza, is as powerful as any bond between a parent and child. 

When interviewed by Globo TV, Souza said:

“I love the penguin like it’s my own child and I believe the penguin loves me,” Joao told Globo TV. “No one else is allowed to touch him. He pecks them if they do. He lays on my lap, lets me give him showers, allows me to feed him sardines and to pick him up.” 

Dindim, seemingly never forgot the kindness and devotion given to him by his elderly rescuer and has made this journey every year since.

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