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Peacocks are truly an extraordinary beautiful birds. They have over 200 colors on their large tails. Their colorful feathers attract the attention of people all over the world for centuries. Many of the most famous designers brought peacock feathers or peacock inspired themes on the biggest fashion events in the world. Peacocks are also muses for painters and photographers. 

Even though peacocks are symbol of beauty, grace, elegance, colors they have other abilities, too. But since everybody is talking and taking pics of their tails it seems that we forget they are birds and they can fly. And flying is one of the most elegant and gorgeous thing in this world. Peacocks actually don't fly often. Usually it is in the case of danger. Maybe that's why a few people saw this attractive air capabilities of peacocks. 

They have really long feathers but that doesn't stop them from flying at the speed of up to 16km/h (10mph)! So lets take a look at some really rare images of this royal looking birds flying. 

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