The World’s First Underwater Tennis Court Is set To be built In DubaiTranslate

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Some investors and really bold and some projects are too daring for our imagination! This is valid for the ambitious project for an underwater tennis court, an idea that came up to and is to be designed by the Polish architect Krzysztof Kotala, from the ’8 + 8 Concept Studio’.


The tennis complex is to be situated offshore in the Persian Gulf, between the Palm Jumeirah islands and the Burj al Arab. The audience will be given an incredible choice of entertainments to experience there. They will be welcome to watch a tennis match on one of the seven courts, or to spy on the fabulous marine life around through a massive glass dome.

Currently, the ambitious underwater court is just a concept which is in search of investors. Finding the money won’t be easy, that is for sur as the project hides many engineering challenges, some of which being almost impossible to overcome. Nevertheless, we all wish the best of luck to the architects and hope we will see that project released!

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