A Victim Of The Korean Meat Market, One Courageous Dog Adapts To Life As An AmputeeTranslate

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Imagine having your hands and feet tied together while being hung upside down from a hook. The room you're trapped in is dark and filled with the stench of death. While you're still alive, you're beaten repeatedly by a stranger for no apparent reason. 

This is a reality for thousands of dogs unlucky enough to find themselves trapped in slaughterhouses across South Korea. One particular two year old female dog was subject to the very gruesome treatment described above. Ironically, a serious infection in her legs ended up saving her life. As her skin began to rot, her tormentors realized that she would not be fit for consumption in her current condition. They tossed her out of the slaughterhouse in a garbage bag, where she was discovered by Korean animal rights advocates. 

The following chronicles her incredible journey towards a better life. 

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

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