Painfully Obvious Stock Photo Slip Up Exposes The Ignorance Of Models And PhotographersTranslate

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Stock photography can be incredibly useful; it's a simple and cost efficient way to express an idea in a creative project.  However, because of the fact that stock photography is intrinsically made to be relatable to a large audience, the photographers recruited in making these images can range anywhere from highly professional to completely amateur. 

Do the images below seem off to you in any way? On first glance, they seem like nothing remarkable...until you notice that the models are firmly grasping the rod of their soldering irons, which can reach temperatures of 800° F. 

Of course, the irons were most likely powered off and cooled down (unless these particular models are incredible artists capable of masking their suffering). Regardless, these images are demonstating dangerous behavior to viewers all over the world; just as you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, you shouldn't take a photograph as an indicator of truth. 

(h/t: PetaPixel)

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