3 People With Disability In The Philippines That Inspire

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Despite their disabilities, these three Filipinos realized their dreams and continue to push for a better life. 

PWD stands for person with disability — and how apt that the word “person” comes before “disability”. Just because these people have to live with physically and mentally challenging conditions doesn’t mean that their world ends there. Like each and every one of us, our actions are our fate.

In honor of the strength of our PWD brothers and sisters who have maximized their potential, Kalibrr has put together a list of inspiring Filipino PWDs who are making their own small changes in the country.

Ronnel Del Rio

Ronnel del Rio is a broadcast journalist. He is also blind. A radio journalist for almost a decade now, Ronnel first became known in 1996 because of his radio program, “Good Morning Southern Luzon.” A voice of reason and awareness, he discussed national issues as well as issues that the community of PWDs in the Philippines faced.

Striving to be a voice for the unheard PWDs in the Philippines, Ronnel pushed for accessible services not only in his area but in the rest of the country. His resume is equally impressive. Ronnel is the president of the Philippine Chamber of Massage Industry for Visually Impaired, is part of the Philippine Coalition on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a board member of the Philippine Mental Health Association, president of the Federation of Disabled Persons in Lipa, and is the chief executive officer of Punlaka — a PWD advocacy group based in Region IV.

 A man with much vision for everyone, not just his fellow PWDs, he also works as a Housing and Homesite Regulatory Affairs Officer for the government of Batangas. There, he pushed for the Viable Socialized Resettlement Program wherein idle land is taken under consideration to become housing projects for the underprivileged in Batangas. Del Rio is also the first blind person to earn a Master’s degree in the Philippines, having studied Management Technology in De La Salle University in 2003.
Ronnel del Rio

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