Retired Couple Find A Message In A Bottle On Vacation In Germany-Is This The Oldest Ever Historical Find?

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Marianne Winkler, a retired postal worker, who was on vacation, with her husband Horst, They spotted a quirky  looking bottle floating around in the Ocean 

Upon retrieving the bottle, they realized it was an old fashioned 'message in a bottle', bearing three words- : ’Break the bottle.’ However they were unable to take it out, so the only solution, was to break the bottle.

When they looked at the curled up paper, there was a written message in three different languages- English, german and Dutch.

The message stated that the finder, should fill out the following details and instructions

Write down where the bottle was found

 Write down when the bottle was found

Return the bottle to the Marine Biological Association which was located in a town called Plymouth, in the UK

Upon receipt of the bottle they would be rewarded with one English shilling (equivalent to 12 cents)

The excited couple,realizing that this was an historical find, went ahead and returned the bottle to the Marine association, who promptly sent them an old fashioned Shilling in a presentation box. 

In an interesting update, they are waiting to see if their find will be recognized by the Guinness World Records as THE oldest message in a bottle. At present, the oldest bottle was found after 99 years.

Preview photo credit: Olaf Schlüter

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