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Like cats? Like funky hairstyles? Ever thought about combining the two? No, I don’t mean giving your cat a mohawk. I mean shaving your cat into the back of your head!

In case you are into cats and funky hairstyles, now you have the chance to combine both your passions. Now you can shave your cat into the back of your head and become a fashion icon.

Katichka is an Instagram user from Russia, who has certainly thought about that option. She has came up with a solution as well. Have a look at the pictures listed to see the result for yourself!

The message reads “I always take my sleepy cat with me,” she posted alongside the picture. This brand new trend is called hair tattoos, where an image or pattern is shaved directly into an undercut beneath the hair at the back of the head. The picture remains hidden, yet it is only revealed when you brush your hair aside.

So, if you need a new haircut, try the skills of the hairdresser Aliya Askarova from St. Petersburg, so you know where to go if you’re looking for.

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