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There is a  saying: "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy." Also they say that the first glass is all about the food. The second glass of wine is about love. And the third glass of wine is all about mayhem. 

Looks like this saying inspired Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti to start an interesting project "3 Glasses after". He first started it as a joke. He photographed his friends before wine and after 1,2 and 3 glasses of wine. 

He claims that the first photo (the "before" photo) should show stress, boredom or fatigue after a workday. But as soon as the second picture is taken and the first glass of wine is consumed, the face expressions become much more friendly. Smiling and goofiness starts.

These hints of smile start to be much more secure laughter after the second and the third glass of wine. So, let's look at how we look when we are just a bit drunk. 

More info: masmorrastudio.com | Instagram | Facebook

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