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Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair, but we all live for those special moments that warm our souls and melt our hearts. We know that it takes months for babies to learn how to smile. The little Leopold Wilbur Reppond, from Seattle, learned how to do it at the age of four months. The baby is practically blind as he suffers from oculocutaneous albinism – a terrible disease that severely impairs his sight. Until recently he was not able to clearly see his family, and tried to get to know the world by touching people and items with his hands. He was knowing his father by the feel of his beard, and he as able to recognize his mother’s face by feeling it.


Today, thanks to the special infant glasses produced by Miraflex, little Leo was finally given the opportunity to see. Take your time to watch this heartbreaking video, showing Leo’s mother Erin, putting the glasses on her baby boy.


Just a few moments later, you see him realize that something has changed and once he sees his mother for the first time, he gives the biggest smile ever.

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