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So… toilets. Well yeah a bit odd subject. But than again it is one of the human most useful invention. Even though we don’t usually se it that way. ;)

The Godfather of modern toilet, Thomas Crapper would be pleased that people around the world use a quite similar toilet, more than 100 years after his death. So toilets didn’t change much in that time. Some appliances did though. 

And as everything in the world of today, toilets are getting those funky little details that can show creativity. One of the easiest ways to be remembered in coffeehouses, restaurants and club businesses is a creative toilet sign. Especially with all those selfies taken in it!

Some of these creative “Man” ad “Women” (or “Ladies” and “Gents”) signs are so creative you are not even sure where to come in when you have to go. But than again, a lot of people now are not that enclined to gender specification, so… No problem there.

Anyway, we at Dimplify tried to gather the most creative, funny and odd toilet signs around the world, and here those are… Just scroll down. And vote for your favorite flushing sign ;)

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