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McCaughey family led a very normal life when in 1997, their life was incredibly changed. The mother Bobbie McCaughey gave birth to seven children! Yes, you are not mistaken 7 thy were – four strong boys and three beautiful girls. The news about this nature miracle spread all over the world, since these babies were the first ever surviving septuplets.

The babies were named Kelsey, Kenny, Brandon, Natalie, Nathan, Alexis, and Joel and were often refereed to as 'The Seven From Heaven.’ The upbringing of the septuplets was a real achievement for the couple Bobbie and Kenny. However, despite all the difficulties, the seven kids were raised with tender love and care.

We are posting about that today as this year the famous McCaughey children celebrated their 18th birthday! They turned into wonderful people who know what they want from life.

In 1997 the family wanted to have a second child and thus they turned for help to the IVF Center. Once they learned that Bobbie was pregnant with not one but with seven children as a result of fertility treatment, the couple declined selective reduction to reduce the number of infants. The doctors tried to talk them out of that, yet the religious parents stayed true to their decision.

Born tiny, the kids were of low weight - the smallest kid was just 1,13 kilos and the biggest one was 1,5 kilos. The doctors did what they could for ‘The Seven From Heaven’, and the children not only survived, but grew up healthy. Two of the - Alexis and Nathan were born with forms of cerebral palsy, but both of them underwent surgery and are now doing well.

McCaughey family was supported by many people and various charity foundations. They were provided a new big house, and the kids received free food coupons at school. The husband still worked hard, so the children were taught the importance of work.

The older daughter of the family - Mikayla, was born a year earlier than her siblings, she helped her mom to take care for the kids.

Look on the second row from left to right are Brandon, Alexis, Joel, and Nathan. And now look at the first row from right to left is Kenny Sr., Kenny Jr., Kelsey, Natalie, and their mom Bobbie. The children have already decided what they want to pursue after high school.

These kids are not just siblings, they are very good friends as well. This photo showsn Natalie, Alexis and Kelsey on the oldest girl wedding day.

The seven kids will soon graduate from school. ’When they all leave home, this will be drastic for us,’ the mother admits. ’The noisy house will become empty at once.’ 

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